Once called desolate, Israel has flourished into an oasis

by Leah Rosenberg

“A desolate country… A silent mournful expanse…unlovely.” Mark Twain’s words go back to the mid 1800’s. Today, everything is different. Really different. The rebirth of the Land of Israel is nothing less than a modern-day miracle. But, you need to see the big picture in order to notice.

The Early Days of the Rebirth of the Land of Israel

In the early decades of the 20th century, Jewish farmers turned swamps into groves filled with citrus fruits.  They fought the malaria-infested swamps with their own bodies and often succumbed.  But, the Jewish farmers who were able to persevered and literally brought the Land of Israel back to life.    Even the Negev desert now features award winning vineyards in it’s northern areas.

Hi-Tech Farming Today

Generally speaking, people associate hi-tech farming with robots milking cows or expensive machines replacing old tractors.  But, the spirit of innovation that the State of Israel is filled with also pertains to environmentally friendly developments.  Innovations with cherry tomatoes and potatoes growing in hot climates are just two of many examples of amazing Israeli developments.  Israel now exports many of these innovations to tens of countries around the world.  However, in this video, some of the main actors are bugs.  Its amazing to see what Israeli kibbutzim are doing with bugs and owls.

The Future

Every indicator shows that the State of Israel will continue to be at the forefront of all advances in many fields of technology.  But, the most under-rated aspect of this is the aspects of farming.  Some of the more well-known Made-In-Israel inventions are drip irrigation technology, solar energy innovations, and creating water from thin air.  These three coupled with some other ideas will probably form the basic building blocks that may actually do more for feeding the continent of Africa than any other innovations.

Israel is indeed a Light Unto the Nations.


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