Obama Denounces Trump’s Decision To Pull Out of Iran Deal

by Avi Abelow

President Trump is continuing to trash Obama’s legacy and Obama is livid. Obama’s response to Trump killing his nuclear deal shows how delusional Obama was as a US President.  He always manages to sound so “presidential,” but if you really think about what he says, you see that he was a dangerous fraud!!!

Obama’s Response

“Leaving the (Iran nuclear) agreement could embolden an already dangerous regime; threaten our friends with destruction; pose unacceptable dangers to America’s own security, and trigger an arms race in the region’s most dangerous regime.”

He himself admitted that Iran is a DANGEROUS regime!  Yet his nuclear deal only pushed off the dangerous Iranian regime from attaining a nuclear bomb for a decade, not stopping them. Even wore than that, Obama himself positioned the Iran nuclear deal to help dangerous Iran become the regional power it wanted to be. He says so himself in this video interview back in July 2015. “Iran Will Be And Should Be A Regional Power.”


Is this the type of talk of a leader who wants to stop an enemy of the United States from being a threat to the USA?

In the FOX news video above, US Congressman Brian Mast (FL) replies to Obama’s reaction to Trump’s killing his nuclear deal. “If you look at the eight years of Obama’s administration, you see an administration that ignored and appeased our enemies that emboldened them.”

“You do not make peace with your enemies. You make peace with former enemies. And we shouldn’t have been trying to negotiate with an existing enemy.”

That was exactly the problem of Obama’s administration. They appeased US enemies and made the world a lot more dangerous. Thank G-d, Trump was elected President, and he is trying to undo the horrible damage that Obama did as President.

Leaders are only successful in stopping a war when they are willing to go the distance and go to war. President Trump knows that.

Presumably, Trump’s predecessor knew that as well, but he wanted to help Iran become a regional superpower. This, even though Iran is an enemy of the US, a dangerous regime, and are designated as a state supporter of terror by the US State Department.

How did Americans vote for that man to be President not once but twice?

Thank G-d we now have President Trump!

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