Welcome to the heart of the Jewish nation!

by Leah Rosenberg

Where is the holiest place in the world? The place that so many call home? It’s a place that you can’t even begin to understand unless you have stepped foot there. It’s the capital of Israel; it’s Jerusalem.

The Holiness of Jerusalem

King David declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel thousands of years ago! It is home to the Temple Mount – the place where the Jewish Temple twice stood and will stand again. The Jewish people have been residing in Jerusalem for longer than you can imagine. Although they have at times felt despair and fear, they have also felt hope and happiness. The Jewish nation has held on to a city that God placed His presence in, and they will never let go.

Visiting Jerusalem

People from all over the world flock to Jerusalem to feel its spirituality and connect with God. Although the Temple has not yet been rebuilt, the Western Wall surrounding the Temple Mount still stands strong. Some like to place notes in the cracks of the Western Wall with prayers to God. So many pray in the same spot, and so many tears have been shed. Your soul will feel things you have never felt before just by stepping foot in such a holy place.

A Melting Pot

Although Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people, many nations feel a strong connection to the capital of Israel. When you walk around the streets of Jerusalem, people of all faiths and religions will be walking right next to you. Different traditions permeate the streets, towns, and neighborhoods. Cultures blend, creating one of the most unique places you will ever visit.  It’s unbelievable and something you won’t believe unless you see it for yourself!

Jerusalem is really a magical place. Come check it out!

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