Israel is prepared for threats on all fronts, and here is how

by Michael Sax

Iran is making dangerous advances toward Israel, yet Israel will not sit idly by. When Iran sent a military drone to Israel, the IDF shot it down. What technology does Israel have to deal with the threats? The Iron Dome is just one phase of an entire array of defenses.

Iron Dome

One of the most well known technological inventions is the Iron Dome. This defensive device has saved countless lives. What does it do? Well, when Islamic terrorists fire missiles into Israel to kill Jews, the Iron Dome literally blasts the missiles out of the sky. But it takes a lot to make this happen. It all starts with the arab terrorists who launch a missile. Then the IDF computers begin to track it. Within milliseconds, the computers are able to determine if the missile will hit populated areas or empty fields. If the missile’s trajectory shows that it will hit open fields, then the Iron Dome lets it just explode. However, if the computer determines that the missile will hit populated areas, then the Iron Dome goes into action.

Intercepting the enemy missiles

The Iron Dome fires an interceptor at the incoming missile. The interceptor is carefully calculated and within seconds is able to make contact with the missile while still flying in the air and then blow it up in the sky. Thus, the missile never hits people on the ground. This is truly amazing. They fire a missile at Israel, and within seconds the IDF carefully guides an interceptor to blow it out of the sky. The science and technology behind this is immense. Israelis devoted countless hours and resources to create this. The best and brightest people were involved, and Israel is extremely grateful to the US for supporting this project. It is truly a defensive invention that is changing modern warfare.

Iran will hopefully not attack, and instead focus on reforming itself and stopping terrorism. However, if they attack, Israel will be ready.  The ingenuity of the Star-Up Nation indeed protects the Nation.

Motivation for Terror
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