Israel’s Tech Solution for Detecting and Destroying Gaza Tunnels

by Avi Abelow

The IDF researched ways for destroying Gaza tunnels. Once Hamas failed in their attacks on Israel with missiles over the fence, they turned to attack via underground tunnels.  In response, the IDF developed air defense systems against their missiles.  Now the IDF has now developed technological solutions to destroy the tunnels.

IDF Tech Laboratory

As part of the effort to locate the terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip, the IDF established a unique technological laboratory. It’s specific purpose is to detect and locate tunnels. Thanks to this technology, the IDF has destroyed Gaza tunnels.

The Gaza Division, under the command of Captain B, created the laboratory two years ago. Captain B is an electrical engineer and a chemist by training.  He works with some of the best minds in a variety of technological and research positions.  These include physicists, engineers, intelligence personnel and geologists from the Technology and Logistics Branch.

It takes technological, intelligence, and operational efforts, working together, to locate and thwart terror tunnels. The laboratory itself is the technological branch of tunnel detection. It  uses innovative ground research such as scanning cavities and their dynamics. It also works to improve existing technologies, and strives to develop new discovery and mapping techniques. The laboratory personnel work closely with the intelligence personnel, engineering forces, and other units in the field until the tunnel is located. As a result of these efforts the IDF then destroys the tunnel.

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