Gaza’s “peaceful” protestors just shared a message with the world

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems shocking that the world truly believes the Gaza protesters are “peaceful.” What they are doing is the exact opposite of peaceful. Are the IDF and Israel the only ones who care?

Fighting for Jewish Land

These protesters claim that they have good reasons for what they are doing. Burning tires, sending arson kites over to burn and destroy Israeli fields, attempting to infiltrate Israeli land and harm civilians – what can their reasons be? They claim that they want their land back, but it is NOT their land! It is Jewish land.

But they will continue to make their claims, and the world will continue to believe them. Despite the violent protests, Israel is still blamed. Here is the recent message from these “peaceful” protesters: “Allah willing, the Jews’ hearts will burn. We will not stop until the Jews leave our land, and Allah willing, we return to it.” How can they still be called peaceful?

The IDF Will Stand Alone

Regardless of the fact that the world shouts “murderers” at the IDF as opposed to the terrorists, Israel will still do everything in its power to protect its civilians. Even if it means going against what seems to be the absurd commands of the oblivious world, the IDF will protect its people. How can you tell a nation to allow terrorists to harm the innocent?

You don’t have to search far to see the facts of the situation. These “peaceful” protesters are actually terrorists trying to destroy the State of Israel, and the IDF will NOT tolerate that.

The #1 most important job of the commander-in-chief of any country or army is the safety and well-being of it’s people.  The Gaza protesters/terrorists endanger the entire Israeli population near Gaza.  There are tens of thousands of Jews who live near the Gaza border.  Israel is a small country.  The Gaza terrorists will not succeed.



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