Gaza Protestors Destroy Gas Lines and Border Crossing that Service Gaza

by Avi Abelow

Gaza protestors escalated their violence on the Gaza/Israel border this Friday. They set fire to the border crossing including the gas and fuel pipelines. This is infrastructure that allows for Israel to transfer goods and gas to Gaza Arabs.

Most Fridays they have burned tires and hurled rocks, molotov cocktails and kite bombs. They have targeted the Gaza/Israel security fence and IDF troops. This Friday they also set fire to the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

The Irony

Everday Israel transfers 800 trucks of goods for the benefit of Gaza Arabs. Israel also transfers gas and fuel through these pipelines.

“This is a cynical act which damages the well-being of the people of Gaza and the humanitarian efforts carried out by Israel and other countries,” the IDF spokesperson stated.

The rioters damaged the gas and fuel pipelines that run from Israel to Gaza. The irony is that they are intended for use by Gazan residents themselves.

Also, the office of the border crossing management was looted and destroyed.

All of this infrastructure is used to provide Gaza Arabs with supplies and gas from Israel. Due to this arson terror attack the Gaza Arabs themselves will suffer. This will affect the daily transfer of goods to Gaza as well as the supply of gas.

After they burnt ten thousand tires a few weeks as part of their Gaza riots they then blamed Israel for not transferring more tires. Here too, we will not be surprised if Hamas complains to the world that Israel is withholding gas, fuel and supplies. Of course, the media will report this without noting that Israel is not to blame, but the Gaza Arabs themselves are to blame because they set the border crossing and gas pipes ablaze in fire.

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