The shocking propaganda news that’s going viral

by Avi Abelow

AJ+ and TRT online content is nothing more than state propaganda from two human rights abusing countries Qatar and Turkey.

People must stop watching and sharing content from these two channels. They not only produce lies about Israel, but also whitewash terror, terror groups and human rights abuses in the Arab/Muslim world.

Qatar and Turkey

AJ+ is part of the Al Jazeera network, a state-funded media of Qatar. It does a great job creating progressive content, like videos on LGBTQ rights, to endear to the millennials. However, Qatar itself outlaws homosexuality and LGBTQ people are punished without equal rights. This is just one example of the perverse form of programming that AJ+ creates in order to then use its platform to whitewash terrorism and terror-supporting countries.

TRT is a Turkish state-run media network. It applies the same whitewashing strategy as AJ+. Turkey also is a human rights abusing country. Journalists and activists against the regime are imprisoned. Turkey also oppresses its Kurd minority population.

These state propaganda media channels, AJ+ and TRT, are nothing but tools to whitewash Qatari and Turkish human rights violations.

Before you share AJ+ and TRT videos and posts, think about who they are and don’t share their content.

For more on Qatar’s human rights violations

Just one example of Turkish human rights abuses against Turkish protestors.

Dr. Risch

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