IDF says Iranian counterattack imminent

by Leah Rosenberg

The Iran terror regime has been threatening the free world for too long. Now that we have a leader with the fortitude to stand up to them, a counterattack against Israel could happen at any time.

When will the counterattack happen?

Iran is playing a dangerous game. They lie about their nuclear program, attack civilians around the world, and expand their reach to Syria and other countries. And yet through all of this, they chant “death to America.”  Thankfully, President Trump pulled out of the disastrous Iran deal. Yet the Iranian leadership continues to threaten the world. The people of Iran would like better lives, yet the Islamic regime removes its own citizens’ freedoms even as it threatens the world. As such, a counterattack could happen at any time.

Is Israel ready?

However, Israel is going to defend itself. When Iran proxies attack Israel, the IDF will fire back. And it has happened before. The Israel Defense Forces will destroy any incoming threat. And it has the means to do so – many times. First, since Islamic terrorists have a long history of killing Jews, the Israeli citizens are prepared with bomb shelters. Second, the Iron Dome defense system is available. This system fires a precision interceptor to blow the incoming enemy missile out of the sky. And last, the Israel Defense Forces are ready to respond.

It is important to state a basic fact. That is, Israel has no desire to invade Iran. Yet Iran keeps on threatening Israel. There have been countless speeches where Iran leaders scream “death to USA, death to Israel.”  They yell and scream and burn flags and their threats are quite real and deadly since they have lethal weapons.

The real question is, is Iran ready? They have been threatening the world for too long. Obama made an agreement with them and they felt empowered. Yet President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are not going to kiss up to them. So the question is, how will Iran react? Are they ready to face the music? Good will prevail over evil, and light will overcome darkness. Iran will lose and the threat will be neutralized. The only question is, how long will it take.

Col. Kemp

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