Obama got played by Iran, and Israel proved it!

by Avi Abelow

President Obama failed humanity. He failed to protect the freedom loving world, including the USA, from Iran, the biggest terror-supporting state in the world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu warned America that the Iran deal was dangerous. President Obama did not want to listen. He pushed through the horrible nuclear deal even though Netanyahu pointed out how dangerous it was.  Last week Netanyahu revealed Iranian documents that prove that the deal was based on Iranian lies. It is clear to all that Obama was either a fool who allowed himself to make a deal based on lies. Or, he was a dangerous leader who made a deal even though he knew Iran was lying. Which is worse?

Read more about Netanyahu’s bombshell speech revealing the Iranian nuclear documents.

Iran didn’t fear President Obama. Iran knew that he wasn’t a leader who kept his word. He was all bluster and bluff. Like his famous red line threat to Syria if it used chemical weapons.  When Syria used chemical weapons again, Obama did nothing. There is one thing worse than a leader not leading.  It is a leader who makes empty threats and whose words are meaningless.

He made America look like a fool. He put Americans in danger.  In addition, he endangered Israel and emboldened tyrants around the world to push the boundaries of peace and nuclear proliferation. He did all of this because Obama was too weak to do anything to stop Iran. So President Trump today has a choice. Continue to be played the fool like Obama by Iran, who hides their nuclear blueprints in secret vaults. Or President Trump can indeed ditch the phony Iran nuclear deal as he proclaimed and instead show us what real, strong, tough American leadership looks like. Our country needs it.

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