First Ever Night Vision Drone Launched to Defend Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria

by Avi Abelow

The Jewish settlement of Efrat, in the Judean hills, just launched the first ever night vision drone as part of its security system. This is a major addition to the communities security, to help stop future terror attacks.

The video has both English and Hebrew. The Mayor of Efrat explains the test launch, in English, at around the 4:40 mark.

Terrorist Infiltrations

Last year terrorists infiltrated into the Jewish community of Efrat, in the Judean hills, on two seperate occasions. In the first infiltration, the terrorist injured an IDF soldier. In the second infiltration, the terrorist wounded a Jewish resident after the resident physically stopped the terrorist from attacking him and his wife on a Friday evening stroll. He fought off the terrorist, pushed him away from his wife, and the terrorist ran away.

In both cases, the security forces had a difficult time finding the terrorists before they attakced.

Due to these two events, some residents of Efrat, led by Boaz Fletcher, understood that another level of security was needed.  They decided to employ hi-tech measures to beef up the security forces and stop future terrorists infiltrations. The solution – night vision drones with thermal sensors.

Today, the security services launched the drone for the first time  in Efrat to demonstrate its security abilities.

G-d forbid, if there is ever another security incident, the community of Efrat is prepared. This drone will now give a complete picture of the situation from the air, at night.

This project is mainly thanks to Efrat resident Boaz Fletcher, who spearheaded the project. Funding ame from the Efrat Development Fund and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, led by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Hopefully, more people will donate so that all the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria will be able to purchase night vision drones.  These drones will make a big difference in defending the Jewish communities from terrorist infiltrations in the future.

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