Israel’s planning a honeymoon for Prince Harry & Meghan

by Michael Sax

Yuval Haklai is a popular Israeli comedian, writer and TV host. And as the world excitedly awaits the royal wedding, he has other plans. Here is what he has in store for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Yuval Haklai – reasons to honeymoon in Israel

Well, Yuval does a great job of showing the comedic side of camping. But this video is not just about that. Yuval shows lots of fun things to do is Israel. The Ramon Crater is jaw-dropping, and sleeping in a tent is a one-of-a-kind experience. However, if camping isn’t your thing, there are other ways to enjoy the views. People rave about the top quality hotels right at the edge of the crater. And with clear air and stunning sunsets, this is one place off the beaten track that is a must see.


Israel produces a lot of wine. In fact, it has over 300 wineries. Israeli wines have won awards for great tasting and great quality wines.

Tel Aviv

The lively coast has lots of amazing and different restaurants. It is also very pet friendly. Tel Aviv has the highest ratio of canines per capital around the world. So if you like dogs, Tel Aviv is a place you may enjoy visiting.


Israelis like European football. Or “soccer” as it’s called in North America. Lots of cities have teams, and Israel even competes internationally.  If cheering on soccer games is your cup of tea, Israel’s got it – including fans who take things – let’s just say – a bit too seriously.

Air Force

Prince Harry served as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. He is familiar with the British Air Force. So he’ll likely take an interest in Israel’s amazing Air Force. The Israeli Air Force has immense experience in a variety of conditions. Its pilots have rescued Jews in foreign lands, defended against enemies, and keep Israel safe every day of the year. Many people are sure to find this interesting and would love to visit the legendary Israeli Air Force Museum!

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