An underground office in Tel-Aviv is changing the world

by Michael Sax

Israeli technological leaders come together at this makers fair. They have one purpose, and that’s to save the world, one invention at a time.

How can we change the world?

This underground Tel Aviv office is trying to do just that. They gathered together people who suffer from medical conditions along with engineers and designers. These engineers and designers aren’t necessarily doctors but they do have creative minds. As well, they are able to approach problems with a fresh perspective and offer new solutions. These innovative builders are known as ‘makers.’

Makers unite!

The makers community works together to find solutions for people with disabilities. Here, they gathered together for a Make-A-Thon. They met up in Tel Aviv in a fully stocked lab. The makers were there for three days to work together to find a solution for people’s problems. A lot of the makers use 3D printers to create devices that have never been invented before.

The 3D printing process starts with a design. Makers upload the design to a program. Then, the machine gets to work. It builds the new object, usually taking a few hours. The hope is that the makers can find a solution for a disability.

Tikkun olam – fixing the world

The Make-A-Thon is based on the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, or fixing the world. Then, they adapted it for the twenty-first century by adding the new technology. When the makers arrive at a creative solution, they do everything they can to make it available to the public. They don’t patent it, instead they upload the blueprints online, so that anyone can freely download the plans and build the device on their own 3D printer. Now that’s a real tikkun olam!

The Make-A-Thon is a wonderful idea. It brings fresh creativity and Israeli ingenuity to approach issues. Israel is a proven technological world leader. So it makes sense that they will succeed here. Furthermore, once again Jews are trying to help the world. This is seen in many places, yet infrequently reported on in the media. Israel is providing free medical help for wounded Syrians. As well, Israeli doctors provide free heart surgery for kids in the third world via the Save A Child’s Heart program. These are just a few examples of the many things Israel is doing to help people all over the world.

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