Israeli medical breakthrough may change the way we see things…literally!

by Michael Sax

New Israeli nano technology may give us 20/20 vision! Dr. Smadja is leading the way. With his groundbreaking eye drop research, this procedure may even be better than laser eye surgery.

Dr. Smadja is leading the way

Can eye drops replace glasses of surgery? Dr. Smadja is an ophthalmologist in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a specialist in cataract and laser eye surgery. Dr. Smadja explains that he wanted to find an alternative to laser eye surgery. He working on a new idea. This research uses implants. A chemist and optical engineer would help perform the procedure using eye drops. His research might bring eye relief to people all over the world.

Testing the procedure

Dr. Smadja is testing the procedure on pigs, whose eyes are similar to human eyes. Researchers invented a new way to measure their eyes. They can use their smartphone. This creates a laser pattern. Doctors then ‘stamp’ the pattern onto their eyes in surgery. Finally, the medical team applies nano drops.

Nano drops

What do these drops do? They change the light trajectory. However, these drops are not harmful. They are one hundred percent bio-compatible. At this stage, the nano drops are still in the research stage. However, in the summer of 2019, Dr. Smadja plans to start trying the procedure on people.

Israel is well known for its innovations. The small country made the desert bloom. It invented the drip irrigation system. And Israelis have made countless medical breakthroughs. The many Nobel prize winners are a testament to this. Yet, Israel accomplished so much while facing daily terror attacks. The Israeli people face regular threats, yet still focus on making the world a better place. They try to find lifesaving inventions like the Israeli bandage, and made many technological breakthroughs. No wonder that people call Israel the “Start Up Nation!”

Note that Dr. Smadja does not speak in Hebrew in this video – but in French. One of the most amazing movements in recent years is the massive immigration of French Jews to the Land of Israel. The French aliyah is clearly felt in many cities around Israel. Ashdod, Netanya, Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria are all filled with thriving French speaking communities. The contribution of Jews from France will be felt for generations to come in the Land of Israel.

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