The world is covering up a frightening secret about BDS

by Avi Abelow

The BDS movement is not about boycotting Israel, it is about destroying Israel. Watch their leadership say so quite clearly in this video.

Rise in Antisemitism

Antisemitism has been on a steady rise over the past few decades. The people who blame President Trump for this rise are ignoring the growth of antisemitism on the left. In actuality, this change began decades before Trump even thought about running for US President.  Despite this simple fact, college professors continue to push for “intersectionality” in their classes for decades. “Intersectionality” refers to the attempt to unify the struggles of all minority groups into one struggle. Feminists, minorities, gays etc. are all lumped together into one struggle together with the Arab struggle against Israel.  This way, all of the oppressed minorities join the struggle against Israel and the numbers of demonstrators can be inflated. This is not a new tactic. On the contrary, this philosophy has spread across Western Universities for decades.

It’s all the same people

That is why protests across the United States, like the women’s march, include voices from all these different minority struggles protesting together as one.

The great irony of it all is that women, gays, lesbians and minorities are all oppressed in the Arab world governed by Islamic law. On the other hand, all of these minorities enjoy full freedom in Israel – especially the Arabs.  Yet the intersectionality movement does not protest against the Arab/Muslim world.  They only protest against Israel and the Jews.  This is truly Orwellian and deserves to be exposed for the lie that it is.

Video Text

At a time of rising intolerance in the West and continued conflict in the Middle East, there is one movement that continues to fan the flames of hate. The global boycott movement against Israel BDS.

BDS is a global propaganda campaign with one end goal, and that is they strive to totally eliminate the State of Israel. It seeks to turn public opinion against Israelis and create enough economic pressure to make Israel collapse.

It wants to silence ideas and censor art from Israel by boycotting Israeli artists, musicians, and academics, instead of bringing Israelis and Arabs together for peace.

Social Justice = Hate

This boycott movement actively opposes cooperation between the two communities. It deceitfully frames all of what they espouse as “progressive.”  But in truth, they are merely exploiting social justice movements to promote hate within our communities.

It isn’t really about criticizing Israeli policy. Israelis do that every day. It’s about ending Israel’s existence and stripping Jews of their right to self-determination.

Support peace and justice for Israelis and Arabs.

Say no to BDS.

This is a great and important video by Stand with Us.

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