The Truth about the Gaza Protests the New York Times is Hiding

by Avi Abelow

In almost every New York Times article about Hamas’ Gaza march, they place the blame on Israel. It seems that they prefer to ignore the truth about the march that Hamas itself has announced.

The Hamas made it clear.  The goal of the march is:

It is very clear that New York Times journalists today prefer to use the propaganda that Hamas writes in English instead of using what it says in Arabic to its followers:

Hamas Intent

The following video shows clearly the intent of Hamas with all their protests:
“We will stand patiently on our land out of obedience for allah and the jihad war. we shall urgently summon everyone. Small children will stand to defend!”

“to exterminate the Jews and to put their faces to shame”
“they are the element of evil and we will fight them out of obedience for Allah”

Clear Plan

As the Arabic division of the IDF has translated from Hamas information they have a three step plan for the marches:
1st Step: Incite rioters on the border
2nd Step: Damage the fence and infiltrate Israel
3rd Step: Carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians

Israel and the IDF are very clear on how we will deal with this, as every soverign country has the responsbility to do as well. A country does not worry about the infiltrators, a country defends its border because it is responsbile for protecting its citizens first. That is the basic social contract between a government and its people.

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