Left Wing “If Not Now” Jews Saying the Mourning Prayer for Dead Gaza Hamas Terrorists

by Avi Abelow

“If Not Now” Jewish protestors rallied in New York City to protest the killing of Hamas protestors and to call on Jewish institutions to say enough to Israeli violence in Gaza. As part of the protest, they said the Jewish prayer of mourning for the Hamas terrorists.

Chosen the Wrong Side

Judaism teaches that when one has pity for the wicked, he becomes wicked towards those who deserve pity.

That is the best way to describe the “If Not Now” members, and all people today who have pity for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority terrorists and instead treat Israel as the bad guy.

It is sad to see so many good-hearted people so blind to reality and the world around them. They think they are being good but actually, they are the evil ones.

Israel is doing what any sovereign nation has the responsibility to do, to defend its borders. A country defending its borders from infiltrators has nothing to do with hating the infiltrators, but loving and caring for the countries citizens. The first responsibility of any government is protection so that that country’s citizens can live in safety.

Hamas storming the border with 30,000 protestors to infiltrate and kill Jews is an act of war. They have been quite clear what their goal is with the Gaza march. Any country has the full right to defend itself from such an act.

The Disgraceful Prayer Ceremony

These protestors saying the Jewish mourning prayer for Hamas terrorists show just how far they have removed themselves from reality and the Jewish collective. They have chosen to have pity on people who incite to murder all Jews, including themselves, instead of standing in solidarity with the victim, their own Jewish country Israel.

Here is the live video of the If Not Now organization from the protest.

Their Kindness is Evil

They are singing a Hebrew sentence which means in English that ‘we build the world on kindness and good deeds’. They are obviously singing this chant in protest of Israel using violence, instead of kindness.

How ironic that their warped set of values is enabling the violence of murderers to continue making the world a worse place. True kindness would be to stand with Israel in support of stopping the genocidal violence of the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority against Israel and all Jews. Israel provides equality to Muslim Arabs. Israel provides medical care to injured Gaza children and injured Syrian wounded. Standing with Israel would help the Arabs live a life of goodness and prosperity. Instead, they chose to have pity on the wicked Hamas terrorists, tolerating the intolerance, violence and terror that Hamas spreads.

“Values” Today

It is really sad to see that the right to defend oneself has been stigmatized and even criminalized. Yet self-defense is the basic need of man for survival. Over the past few decades, as we got used to a more peaceful world, the Western values has replaced obliterating evil with diplomacy. But diplomacy does not always work. Sometimes diplomacy actually emboldens the bad guys to continue with their aggression. We see that with North Korea, Iran, Syria, the Arabs 100 year war with Israel etc.

Diplomacy itself has turned into a religious belief instead of one tool as part of a toolset of methods to end evil. What we see today is the outright regression of society today tolerating the intolerant and violent. With the evil forces emboldened, self-defense has become more needed than ever in our lifetime! Especially for Jews!

Yet, seemingly good-hearted people, like these protestors, are blind to reality and to the world around them. Instead of helping make the world a better place, they have become willing enablers of the worst of the worst of society, assisting society around them to become even more dangerous and chaotic.

“If Not Now” Actually Represents Evil

“If Not Now” represents the warped Western world we live in today, where pity is given to terrorists because of their skin color or religion.

They represent the depths to which the Western world has fallen and may not succeed in surviving.

If the warped Western values that “If Not Now” represents continue to spread, they will be the creators of the evil world they say they represent. Even worse, they will be some of the first victims of intolerant, terrorizing forces they so proudly pity today.

Truly Orwellian. And extremely sad.

Due to these protestors, and their kind, we are witnessing the decline of the free, democratic Western society as we know it. Thanks to them, it soon might be time to say goodbye to the world as we knew it.

I hope and pray that the “If Not Now” protestors wake up from their evil direction and start recognizing truth from fiction. Israel is a country that they would be proud of, if they only cared about the truth.

Dr. Risch

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