If you ever wondered what Israel looks like from Outer Space, look no further

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is a tiny country. This video shows Israel from space. Israel indeed lies at the crossroads between Asia and Africa.

Israel’s Geography

Israel lies on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. Four countries surround Israel. All have attacked Israel at some point in it’s short history. To the North, Israel borders Lebanon. At Israel’s Northeast, Israel borders Syria. To the East, Israel borders Jordan. To the South and Southeast, Israel borders Egypt.

Very few people understand just how small Israel truly is. Between the years of 1948 and 1967, Israel was so small that at it’s thinnest spot, it was only 9 miles wide. That means that a small tank battalion could cut Israel in half in a matter of 10 minutes. Abba Eban, Israel’s super-eloquent foreign minister and ambassador to the UN, famously titled Israel’s then borders Auschwitz borders. That is exactly what they were. Israel was so small that the aspiration to throw the Jews into the sea continued to reverberate in the minds of Arabs in the Middle East.

Six Day War

All of this changed in 1967.  In just six days, Israel more than tripled it’s size.  Israel’s enemies threatened Israel on multiple borders and Israel looked like it was on the verge of a national tragedy – perhaps even destruction.  But, to the surprise of the entire world, Israel won the war in a lightning fashion – led by the Israeli Air Force.  Israel first triumphed in the South against Egypt and conquered the Sinai Peninsula.  On the third day of the War, Israel liberated it’s heartland – including Jerusalem.  In the last two days, Israel bravely scaled the Golan Heights and defeated the Syrians on the dangerous ridges of the Hermon.

However, Israel didn’t stay in the Sinai for more than around 15 years.  Israel signed a Peace Treaty with Egypt and walked away from a massive area of land.  Following that, Israel retained its hold on Israel’s heartland in the center and annexed the Golan in the North.

Now, Israel is around the size of New Jersey – still rather small.  So, despite the fact that Israel from space may seem rather large, it is still a small country.  Any time someone suggests Israel give up some land for peace, the first thing that must be remembered is that Israel is already a tiny country.

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