Ancient Jerusalem Comes Alive

by Avi Abelow

Our family spent one day of the Passover holiday touring ancient Jerusalem during the Passover holiday. It was amazing!

The juxtaposition of learning about ancient Jerusalem while seeing Jews today visiting, praying and living in Jerusalem is invigorating!

What tops it all off is seeing our IDF soldiers dancing at the Western Wall of our Temple Mount. This is no longer just a historic site to visit and be reminded about the glory days of the Jews. Today we are able to see that today we are living the glory days as well

Bringing the Bible to Life

We are blessed to have our own family tour guide, my father, Peter Abelow. He has been an educator all his life. Together with being passionate for Israel and the Jewish people, you have a winning combination for a dynamite tour guide. He really brings all of Israel to life, with just a Bible and some walking shows!

Some people tour the old city to see it’s different areas or they walk through to see the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. How often have you seen people walking on the ramparts of Jerusalem’s Old City walls? Watch and learn all you can about this amazing little tour that every visitor can do when they visit Jerusalem.

When we say that visiting Israel brings the Bible to life, we literally are able to see the names and places mentioned in the Bible when we walk the land.

Seeing the Prophecy Come Alive

When you visit the old city of Jerusalem you can see the ancient Jerusalem broad wall. It was the original wall of the Jerusalem during First Temple times.

2,600 years ago the Prophet Zechariah told the Jewish people that even though Jerusalem was about to be destroyed, and they were about to be exiled, one day we would return, with little boys and girls playing in the streets! We are blessed to be living that prophecy!!!

Listen to the great guiding of Peter Abelow at the place that brings this 2,600 year old prophecy to life!!!

Walking in the Footsteps of King David

We then ended the day visiting the City of David. The archaeological discoveries here are phenomenal, literally finding coins with the names of dignitaries who served with King David, documented in the Bible.

Follow along as we walk through this fascinating part of ancient Jerusalem, and start saving money to book your tickets to come visit in person!

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