THIS is what sponsoring terrorism looks like

by Michael Sax

If you want to know who sponsors terrorism, just follow the money trail. It’s actually pretty easy in this case, as Hamas tells the world where it buys its rockets from. Can you guess? Check out this video. Make sure to press the volume button on the lower right side of the video for sound.

Straight from the murderer’s mouth…

This is scary. Hamas is saying publicly what we’ve known for years. Hamas, a terror organization, admits that the money trail leads straight to Iran. In other words, Iran supports Hamas. Terrorists supports terrorism. Yes, Hamas states that they get support from Iran. And they say it was’t cheap. That’s no surprise, considering they waste their money on building terror tunnels and ruining their economy.

The Iran money trail

Another important fact from this video is that Hamas makes the link with Iran very clear. Iran is sending its weapons to kill Israelis, but they are trying to do it quietly. They aren’t firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, however they sell the rockets to Hamas and achieve the same goal.

Reality today

We’ve arrived at a ridiculous point in humanity and politics. Hamas fires rockets on kindergartens, uses human shields, and murders civilians, yet the leftist media blames Israel. It seems like no matter how many times Hamas slaughters Jews or even its own arab citizens, leftists don’t say a word. In this video, masked terrorists parade with rockets! Yet people still rush to support Hamas. Leftist liberals have sunk to a new low. The truth is, the Hamas terrorists walk around in camouflage clothing carrying Iranian weapons and fire on Israelis.  That makes them terrorists. Israel wants peace, but will defend itself when necessary. Hamas and Iran better watch out, because the Israel Defense Forces are ready. The IDF will protect its citizens. And at the end of the day, good will triumph over evil.

Roe vs. Wade

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