Do Not Stop Sharing this Until Everyone Who Cares about Children Sees it

by Michael Sax

Hamas purposely places children in war zones so that Arab children will get killed and the world will blame Israel. So if you want to blame someone, blame Hamas.

Hamas purposely endangers young children

Hamas robs them of their youth. They take their innocence. Hamas is a master at getting children killed in order to create images that the world media will use. They know that pictures of dead children will evoke sympathy. But how can the radical Islamic Hamas terror group get sympathy? They have the perfect answer. Hamas sends attackers with guns and weapons to fight Israeli soldiers, and the Hamas members take children with them. That way, when the Arab children are purposely placed in the crossfire, the world will blame Israel. What type of sick monster kills children just to make good pictures for the media?

Hamas is robbing Gaza children of their childhood

Hamas is 100% responsible for the Gaza deaths. And what is reprehensible is that the media actually buys this garbage. The media doesn’t stop to think, “Hmmm, what’s a child doing here?” Instead they habitually blame Israel. So, when the Hamas terrorists attack the IDF, what should the IDF do? Should the Israeli Defense Soldiers, who are protecting Israelis, not respond since Hamas places children as human shields in front of them? Should the IDF not fight back because Hamas sends children with bombs to attack? Here is what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to say. (Make sure to turn on the video’s volume.)

The IDF tries multiple ways to stop the terrorists. However, when Hamas starts the fight and breaks every moral and ethical code by hiding behind children, it is Hamas who takes full blame for any injuries.

Media got fooled

The media was tricked. What’s worse is that this is such a simple lie, and the media accepted it. They could have focused on the fact that Hamas paid people to approach the border. Or that Hamas started the violence. Alternatively, they could have explained that Hamas wants children to die in order to get heart-wrenching pictures. The media failed miserably.

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