PM Netanyahu agrees with HAMAS!

by Leah Rosenberg

He said it himself. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually agrees with Hamas on something. But what is it that he agrees with Hamas about?

Netanyahu Agrees with Hamas

PM Benjamin Netanyahu agrees with Hamas on something that EVERY person in the world should agree with Hamas about: The Gaza protests are NOT peaceful. Hamas members have said it themselves. Netanyahu explains, “Mahmoud al Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, said that calling the actions of “Palestinians” on the Gaza border ‘peaceful’ is a clear ‘deception.” Zahar said, “This is not peaceful resistance.” Netanyahu agrees.  And so should all world leaders, media outlets, and every other person who cares about peace. Even the terrorists themselves are not denying what their goals are. So what is stopping the world from seeing the truth? Or maybe they see the truth and choose to ignore it.

Other Comments by Hamas Leaders

Yahya Sinwar, another Hamas leader, has also not been shy to share what the goals are of these “peaceful” riots. And what is the goal? “To tear down Israel’s border and tear out their hearts.” Are those peaceful goals?

And then there is Senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil. He admitted that over 80% of those killed on that deadly Monday were…HAMAS MEMBERS. That means that 50 out of 60 people killed were terrorists. Those 50 people killed were not innocent civilians. And the civilians who were killed were killed because Hamas put them at the front lines and used them as human shields.

At this point, it is completely shocking what the mainstream media reports. Most news outlets are distorting the truth until there are no facts left in the story.

If leaders of a terrorist organization were calling for the murder of every last one of your people, what would you do?



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