The MUST WATCH Video on the Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson

by Avi Abelow

Tommy Robinson was arrested in England.  Just a few hours later, the authorities threw him into jail. He is the voice who exposed the Muslim rape gangs who have been terrorizing British girls for decades.

The anger on the streets of Britain is palpable.  Was the justice system justified in arresting him and throwing him into jail immediately?  Justice still has not been meted out for the rape victims of British Muslim rape gangs.  However, Tommy was jailed within hours.  Only now are the first court cases in process for the British Muslim rape gangs. Muslim rape gangs have raped thousands, if not tens of thousands, of British girls.  This is why there is so much anger at the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

Read more about the BBC Journalist who Admits to Tommy Robinson that BBC is Hiding Information From the Public About Muslim Crimes in UK

Who is Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is a regular British man, like you or me.  He was fed up at the silence with the Muslim rape gang epidemic in Britain. So, he started to raise his voice about this problem.  It led him to protest against an even bigger problem overtaking Britain, Islamization. He realized early on that the establishment was allowing the creeping Islamization of Britain. He understood early on that it would bring problems and evils upon the British society. While the establishment was silent, Tommy made sure to raise his voice about these growing problems.

People try to smear Tommy’s name by calling him a racist and an Islamaphobe.  But he is actually nothing of the sort. Tommy has nothing against Islam or individual Muslims. Tommy is calling out the evil impact that Islamization is having on British society.  And he specifically calls out the massive issue of Muslim rape gangs.

Read more about the interview Tommy had with a Muslim Imam, where the Imam admits that Tommy does not hate Muslims.

Tommy Robinson speaks out when nobody else does!

A full video interview with Tommy Robinson

Why is Tommy in Jail?

Britian has very strict rules when it comes to reporting on court cases. Only certain details can be reported on.  Nobody can publicize anything that may influence the outcome of the court cases.

A year ago Tommy was suspended for disobeying this rule.  He live-streamed outside the court house of one of the Muslim gang rape trials. As a result, they warned him that if he disobeyed the law again, they would throw him into jail. Last week, the authorities arrested Tommy once again.  They caught him as he live-streamed outside the court house of one of the Muslim gang rape trials. The judge ruled that he disobeyed the suspension and threw Tommy into jail immediately.

According to the British rule of law, Tommy’s immediate trial and jail sentence had nothing to do with silencing him from his crusade against the Muslim rape gangs and the silence of British establishment in the face of the Islamization of Britain. He was immediately jailed for disobeying a previous suspension.

Public Outcry

However, the public disagrees with the dry rule of law. They see a clear injustice. Tommy Robinson, a man the establishment wants to silence, was jailed in record time.  His crime?  He stood up and called out the creeping Islamization and Muslim rape gangs, in order to protect people.  It is impossible not to note the immediate incarceration of Tommy.  On the contrary, the same  justice system drags it’s feet to punish the thousands of Muslims rapists over decades.

The British court system might be just in jailing Tommy, but the British people demand justice. The establishment has been silent against the growing evil of Islamization in Britain that the authorities have long ignored. Tommy was their voice to protect themselves.  Now, the British justice system silenced him.

Interview with Tommy on his First Ever Visit to Israel

Roe vs. Wade

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