Priest Stabbed by Muslim in Bethlehem Caught on Security Camera

by Avi Abelow

This is a story that ought to have major exposure across the world. However, the media is simply NOT reporting this incident.

The media is probably NOT reporting this because it shows the true situation of Christians in Bethlehem. A Priest in a Bethlehem Church was stabbed by a Muslim after asking him to stop sexually harassing a Christian pilgram lady. Thankfully it was caught on a security camera so it can’t be denied.


The Muslim man sexually harassed a female Christian pilgrim. The Priest rushed the female into the Churchyard with her group and asked the Muslim to stop harassing the lady. In response, the Muslim stabbed the Priest and injured him badly.

This is a window into the life of Christians in Muslim-dominated cities in Israel. Under the sharia-law state of the Palestinian Authority, Muslims discriminate against Christians in Bethlehem. Muslims treat Christians like second-class citizens at best. And this leads droves of Christians to leave Bethlehem.

Better in Israel

Due to this kind of discrimination, Christians prefer to live under Israeli control rather than under Palestinian Authority control.

The media chooses to hide this truth from us. Christians would be much better off in Bethlehem under Jewish control than under Muslim control. But the Western world prefers to not tell us the truth.

Here are the Facts

In 1950, Christians comprised 86% of the population of Bethlehem and the surrounding villages. However, according to Bethlehem mayor Vera Baboun, by 2016, the Christian population dipped to just 12 percent. Across Judea & Samaria (aka the West Bank), Christians now account for less than 2 percent of the population. However, back in the 1970’s, Christians counted 5 percent of the population. In Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, 11,000 Christians live.

In Israel, the Christian population is stable, and even has grown by about 5,000 in the past 20 years. Christians number 164,700 in Israel, about 2 percent of the population. This is a similar ratio to past decades.


In Gaza, Hamas completely controls the area since 2006. Christians have also left there in droves. In 2006, there were 5,000 Christians living in Gaza. Today, only 1,000 Christians remain there.

History of Judea

Jesus was a Jew born in the Jewish Kingdom of Judea. He lived at the time of the Roman Empire. The Romans destroyed the Second Temple and renamed Judea “Palestine.” They did this in order to erase the Jewish connection to the land. The majority of residents in Judea, and then Palestine, at the time were Jewish. There were no Muslims there because Islam was not invented yet.

In the year 31, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. A large influx of Christians from across the Roman Empire came into Judea. During the Byzantine period, Christianity flourished in the Holy Land. Soon, Christianity turned into the majority faith as the Romans expelled most of the Jews.

Enter the Muslims

Muslim Arabs invaded the Holy Land in 640. They reduced the Christians to servitude. Christians could not preach their faith to Muslims. During this period, many Christians in the Holy Land adopted Arabic as their spoken language. However, Christianity did not die out altogether during the Muslim rule. Several Christian sects including the Greek Orthodox, Syrian, Armenian, Copts and Ethiopian Orthodox survived. Many Christians lived in Bethlehem and even then, they made up the majority of its population.

Why Have Christians Fled Bethlehem?

The mainstream media reports that Christians have fled Bethlehem because of Israeli “occupation.” Yet, this is the Muslim lie that the media chooses to adopt. They simply refuse to do basic investigative journalism. At the same time that Christians flee Bethlehem, Muslims move in in droves. It makes no sense that one population is fleeing the “occupation,” and one is arriving in droves to enjoy the “occupation.” In addition, in Israel, the Christian population is large and growing, so the problem is not Israel. The problem is the Palestinian Authority in charge of Bethlehem.

Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority brought with it rising Islamism, sharia law, and horrible governance.

The Palestinian Authority is the government institution that was created to manage the West Bank and Gaza. By its own constitution, it is an Islamic state. It embodies the principles of sharia law. Supposedly, Christians who live under the PA are “accorded sanctity and respect.” But, as is the case under all sharia-based systems, Christians are basically second-class citizens.

Changing Demographics

Discrimination against Christians under the Palestinian Authority isn’t just legal—it’s also social. Every Christian who lives in these areas is constantly reminded that he or she is not a member of the majority culture.

Shortly after taking power in the West Bank, Yasser Arafat ensured that Bethlehem and a few other cities would always have Christian mayors. However, Arafat also pursued policies to encourage Muslim immigration into those same cities. By so doing, he thereby changed the demography from the bottom up.

The Situation Today

The Palestinian Authority has a clear interest to maintain the Christian identity of Bethlehem so that Christian tourists come to visit. This props up the local economy. However, the Christians who live in Bethlehem experience the day to day discrimination by the Muslim rule of the Palestinian Authority. That is why they leave in droves. Today, only a small Christian population remains in this city holy to the Christian faith.

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