Meet the World’s Most Notorious Muslim Scholar

by Avi Abelow

Imam Tawhidi is one of the world’s most notorious religious scholars. He lives under constant threat of attack for his outspoken views on Islam and Islamic history. Tommy Robinson wanted to know more about the Imam who wants to abandon the Hadiths. The Imam also surprisingly says that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, isn’t fit to run a McDonald’s.

So Tommy sat down with the ‘Imam of Peace’ to understand what motivates him, and just where he gets these radical ideas about his own religion from. This is a fascinating interview that should be watched by all.

Full interview:

As Imam Tawhidi tells Tommy – “The left are the real bigots. They believe that “real” Muslims must be radicals and must be tolerated.” But at the same time, the left believe that “moderate Muslims, like myself, must be bashed.”

Reformation of Islam is Impossible

Tawhidi says straight out “I call for a reformation of Islam, but I know there never will be a reformation of Islam. We need to pave the way for a reformation in a few centuries time. The idea of reforming an idea (Islam) that was once introduced as “perfect,” doesn’t make sense.  It’s already perfect. Islam wasn’t introduced as another idea or another way of life. Islam was introduced as the perfect and only way of life for all human beings. When you come with such an approach it is very hard to come around and say let’s reform something that is already perfect.”

Wahhabists Say They Are Reformers

Tawhidi explains that “the Wahhabists sold a big lie.  Wahhabism said ‘Let’s live as Prophet Muhammad lived because that is the perfect image of man. So the Wahhabist is more of a fundamentalist than a reformer of modern times.”

What Type of Reform IS Possible?

Tawhidi believes that while Islam cannot be reformed, he believes that “it is reformed individuals, like myself” that will bring the change. “It will be a reformed community of third or fourth generation Muslim migrants to the UK, Canada, America, and Australia, people who no longer feel an attachment to what is happening in Syria or Iraq.”

Tommy responds that reality proves that the Imam’s way of reform is impossible. However, the exact opposite is occurring. While the first generation migrants in the UK were not extreme, it’s the next generations that have become radicalized. The views and intolerance of the next generations get worse and worse. Tommy says that we need a worldwide revolution within Islam, but that is not what we are seeing within the Muslim population around the world.

How is the Growth and Influence of Islam Stopped?

Tommy asks “what do you think is necessary for there to be a massive revolution of Muslim youth to detach themselves from the extremism?” Imam Tawhidi answers that it will never happen. Tommy responds that that is why he says the UK must stop Islam in order to save the future of the UK. As Imam Tawhidi says himself, it’s not about stopping extremist Islam or radical Muslims. The only solution is stopping Islam in the UK. Tommy understands this well. It’s the only way to protect and preserve a safe and prosperous UK for his children and grandchildren.

Tommy explains that “Britain today is sitting by and hiding behind political correctness. Britain is watching as 2,000+ British Muslims have returned to Britain after fighting for ISIS. The British are just sitting by like sitting ducks.”

Impossible to Stop the Influence of Islam

Tommy then asks Imama Tawhidi what he would do as an Englishman under these circumstances. Tawhidi tells Tommy that “it will never be able to stop Islam or the growing influence of Islam in Britain. That is not realistic.”

Tawhidi brings up the survival of the Jewish people over centuries of persecution as an example that one can’t stop a religion. He then brings up the huge families that Muslims have, with many kids. At which point Tommy asks him if there is a political motive behind large families in Islam, in order to conduct population jihad. The Imam answers that once there was a natural cultural acceptance of big large families. Yet today Muslim countries/sects do use population jihad as a political tool, actually funding families to have lots of children.

Stopping the Finances?

Tommy then suggested ways that the UK can stop the growing community and influence of Muslims in the UK. Britain should stop the UK benefits system that pays for a family to have 14 kids from 3 different wives. It should stop the influx of foreign money from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar used to strengthen the Muslim community in the UK. It should also stop Muslim immigration into the UK. Tommy doesn’t want to deport all the Muslims in the UK. But he does want to deport those that don’t want to abide by the freedom of British democracy. Imam Tawhidi agrees.

While Tommy proposes stopping funding, Tawhidi says that that also is impossible. The Muslim world are experts at finding the loopholes to continue funding whatever it wants. Tawhidi proposes a different direction, shutting down the Sharia Courts and the Halal certification organizations. These suggestions totally surprised Tommy.

This is only part of the interview. Everyone ought to watch this fascinating discussion.

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