Ancient Shiloh discoveries prove where the Tabernacle stood 3,000 years ago

by Avi Abelow

Don’t miss this exciting visit to ancient Shiloh. Enjoy the fascinating discoveries located where the Tabernacle once stood. And enjoy watching the great fun you can have on your next visit!

First Capital of Israel

Did you know that Shiloh was the capital of the Jewish Kingdom for 369 years? When King David became King he then made Jerusalem our capital city.

The Tabernacle stood there. It was the center of the Jewish people when the Twelve Tribes lived in ancient Israel before King David’s time.

As you can watch in the video above, today they have found the area where the Tabernacle actually stood.

Visiting ancient Shiloh, you walk through the archeological site and then watch a fascinating video about the historical message of the location. When the movie finishes, the curtains are pulled aside and you look straight ahead at the ancient site of the Tabernacle. Fascinating!

And don’t miss out on the tourist fun you can have as well!

Enjoy the following 360 degree video from Shiloh! You do not need to understand Hebrew. Just click on the arrow to change the direction of the camera and enjoy the 360 degree view above this ancient archaeological site.

This is an amazing view of the hilltops and valleys of the Samarian hills around Shilo:

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