I’m Sick of the “Status Quo” with Islam and the Lie of “Palestine”

by Avi Abelow

I’m sick of the “status quo” where the Western world lets the world of Islam get away with murder, literally. Islam is a culture that includes pure evil. Many Muslim Imams preach subjugating the infidels.  They preach jihad against the infidels. Yet our Western leaders and media personalities stay silent. This status quo must end – if we want to live!

Another Jew Murdered

Yesterday, a Muslim terrorist murdered another Jew in Jerusalem. Why was he murdered? Because he is a Jew living in his homeland. Why does everyone accepts this terror? Two Jews were murdered in a car ramming attack last Friday. A month ago, another Jew was stabbed to death by a Muslim terrorist while waiting at a bus stop. Only days earlier, a Muslim terrorist murdered a Jew in a drive-by shooting on his way home. And the Palestinian Authority pays all of these terrorists and their families cash for terror.  Where is the source of this money?  The USA, the EU, and the UN.


This is a sickness. This is evil. The progressive value system of today’s Western leaders of “morality” is corrupt. Today’s Western leaders and media are not moral.   They are immoral!

They always find excuses why they murder and why they should continue supporting people who incite to murder and reward terrorists. This sick status quo must end!

People Complain about the Wrong Status Quo

Usually, when people complain about the “status quo” they complain about the situation of the Jews and Arabs in Judea and Samaria. What’s the solution? “We need to create a state of “Palestine.”  Really? Never in the history of the world has there been a Palestine, and the world can continue that way. There are tons of land conflicts around the world.  However, only when it comes to Israel, the world screams that the poor terrorists should be allowed to murder because of a so-called “occupation.” The world is silent about the Turkish occupation of Cyprus. The world is silent about the occupation of the Sahara, and tons of other “occupations.” But only when it comes to the Jews does the world say that the terrorists should get their own state.

The Status Quo is OK

The status quo in Judea and Samaria can continue. It has lasted for 50 years and it can continue for another 50 years.  When Israel liberated our Biblical homeland in a defensive war from the Jordanian occupiers, Israel retained full international legal rights to the Land.  Murderers who call themselves “palestinians” don’t deserve a state of their own! They are not a historic people and have no ancient claim to this land.  They bring nothing to humanity except a culture of hate, murder, and death. That is what they have spread across the world in the name of “Islam” and “Jihad”.

It’s Not Just a Jewish Problem

Many in the West prefer to think that this is just a problem for Israel and the Jews. That is a huge mistake that will result in many more jihadist terror attacks in the West murdering many Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Indians, Australians etc. This is a global problem with the evil that exists in Islam.

There are billions of Muslims in the world, and the Western world often ignores this major problem. According to many in Islam, Muslims are commanded to either convert all the infidels to Islam or make sure we live under Sharia law, the laws of Islam. Many Imams preach that military jihad can and should be used.  What’s the goal?  To create a world caliphate of Islam that subjugates the world. Yet the Western world is silent.

Domination, Not Integration

Islam does not integrate with other cultures, it overtakes other cultures. Just look at what has happened in the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity and other Eastern religions. They are either gone or persecuted. Islam has taken over the Middle East even though it was the last religion to be introduced to the world.

Save the Peaceful Muslims

My message is not a message against all Muslims. Not at all. Actually, my message is about saving the peaceful Muslims from the evil of their own Muslim brothers and sisters. Plenty of Muslims just want to live peacefully, but they can’t. They are terrorized by their own friends, family and neighbors. The only way we can help the millions of peaceful Muslims in the world is if we stop this evil status quo of excusing the evil in Islam. We must call it out for what it is, evil! Only by calling it out and dealing with those spreading that evil in Mosques, community centers and on street corners, will we be able to protect ourselves and the peaceful loving Muslims as well.

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