Heavy Rocket Attack on Israel’s Southern Communities. Israeli Kindergarten Hit

by Avi Abelow

This morning, there was almost a huge disaster. Gaza terrorists shot over 30 rockets on Israeli communities on the Gaza border. One rocket had a direct hit in the play area right outside an Israeli kindergarten building in the community of Ein Hashlosha. Thank G-d, the kids had not yet arrived, so the building and yard were empty and nobody was hurt.

This morning was a huge miracle that could have been a disaster with dozens of killed and injured Israeli kindergarten kids.

Running for cover

Thank the Lord, this round of rocket fire did not harm anyone physically. But, unfortunately, the trauma that these Gaza rocket attacks cause can last a lifetime.  Indiscriminate rockets attacks do  cause severe emotional damage.

Eye Witness at the Israeli kindergarten building after the attack

Israelis woke up this morning to constant mobile phone messages alerting us to the Gaza rocket attacks. Many Israelis have a special mobile app, called ‘Red Alert’. The app sends mobile alerts when terrorists fire a rocke at Israel, from North or South. The alert not only notifies us of shot rockets.  The app also tells you  the locations of the incoming missile.  It is a scary app – but it can save your life.

Israelis in the areas of the falling rockets ran to their shelters while the rest of the country ran to their phones, computers or televisions to find out the damage of the rocket attacks. Thank G-d, the terrorists hit nobody this morning.  None of the kindergarten children were in the kindergarten building during the attack.

Israel used the Iron Dome system to shoot down some of the rockets in the air before landing in Israeli territory.

Watch the Iron Dome system in action

Official Information from the Israeli Foreign Ministry about the attack

IDF Spokesman at the Israeli kindergarten

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