Patrick Little Has An Anti-Semitism Problem

by Phil Schneider

Patrick Little is an anti-semite.  And he wants to represent you in the United States. Would you like him to be in the United States Senate and to be your representative? The polls indicate that he is doing rather well and may indeed have a chance at reaching a 2nd round in the upcoming election.

What are the views of Patrick Little?

Plain and Simple – Patrick Little believes that the Jews are the cause of all evil.  He blames the Jews for everything from 9-11 to all the various wars that the US has fought in over the last few decades.  And, of course, like the age-old anti-semite that he is – he blames the Jews because they control the banks, hollywood, bla bla bla.  This is a person who wants to represent you in the United States Senate with his dangerous views. He plainly states in his platform that he wants to limit the number of Jews in the government.  But perhaps the most outrageous of all of his crazy opinions is this – he claims the Holocaust did not exist.  The exact words that he uses in his platform are:  “A Jewish war atrocity propaganda hoax that never happened.”

Canary Mission

Canary Mission does an excellent job.  They both document and expose individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses. They  investigate hatred across the entire political spectrum, including the far right, far left and anti-Israel activists.

Patrick Little is one of the most vile anti-Semites around today, and he’s running for US Senate!  This guy is a total nut-job and the kind of person that should not be allowed to represent anyone – let alone the entire State of California.

Watch and SHARE to warn others about this horrifying individual. #WhiteSupremacistCandidate

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