Massive Gaza Terror Fires Destroying Israeli Fields $1.4m in Damages

by Avi Abelow

Gaza terror is not just with weapons and rockets, it is also eco-terrorism by throwing bombs into Israeli fields. Gaza terrorists now fly kite bombs over the Gaza fence.  These destroy wheat fields and amazing nature reserves.  Already, they have caused $1.4m in estimated damages, and that number is rising!

Kite Bombs

Even though they are primitive, the Gaza terror kite bombs destroy Israeli agricultural fields and nature reserves. The Gaza fence border region has been burning for days, every week of the Gaza border riots. The Gaza terrorists send fire-kites in waves over the fence to destroy the fields, woodland and nature reserves on the Israeli side of the border.

The gentle hills and lowlands of the North-West Negev desert are Israel’s grain basket.  This time of year, the fields of ripe wheat  are flammable.  If they ignite, the fire spreads and burns out the wheat in minutes. All of these crops have been burnt up and lost instantaneously. The irony is that much of this Israeli grown wheat is provided to the families of Gaza. So, the Hamas eco-terror by fire actually destroys their own food supply! Not only are they damaging Israel, they are damaging themselves.

The Palestinian Authority Will Pay

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday instructed his national security chief to put forward plans to deduct from the Palestinian Authority (PA) money spent on repairing damage caused by burning kites sent into Israel from Gaza.

“I have instructed National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat to advance a system to deduct from Palestinian Authority funds the compensation that Israel will pay Gaza border communities for the damage cause by recent arson attacks,” Netanyahu tweeted later Sunday.

One Israeli’s Take on this Gaza Terror Fire

In the clip below you can a see video of the arson damage to the farmland in this region. If you are wondering why no Israeli communities have caught fire, it’s a mix of luck and sparse populations. There is a lot more farmland and nature reserve land than homes in this area. Some fires have come pretty close and homes have had to be evacuated because of the proximity of the flames. But thankfully they have yet to have damaged any homes or lives.

This is What Remains of the Nature Reserve

Where are the protests from the Environmentalists?

A huge Israeli nature reserve has been destroyed thanks to the Gaza terrorists using eco-terrorism to start fires. The Gaza terror campaign to vandalize Israeli crops and vegetation has been going on for weeks. All they have been using are primitive kites to fly bombs over a fence. Yet silence from the environmentalists.

It seems that Islamic terrorists can get away with anything.

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