Watch: Jews Do Something Unbelievable in Rome Under the Arch of Titus

by Leah Rosenberg

Seeing Jews sing this song under the Arch of Titus is inspiring beyond words. The Roman Empire is gone. The Jewish nation is still here.

“Im Eshkachech” Under the Arch of Titus

Titus thought he was so great. He thought he defeated the Jewish people. The Arch of Titus is a symbol of that assumed victory over the Jews. All the enemies of the Jews tried to defeat them, whether it be spiritually or physically. Those enemies are gone, and the Jewish people remain proud and strong.

Yes, the people of Israel have experienced many dark times since the destruction of the Batei Hamikdash, the two Temples. Pogroms, persecutions, expulsions, the Holocaust, wars, terror attacks, and more. But every time, the Jewish people have picked themselves back up and persevered.

Titus thought he beat the Jews and expelled them from Jerusalem forever. He thought he triumphed over the Jewish people and that they would never come back. And now, he and his “great empire” are gone. They are no more. And here there are Jews singing the words for Psalms; the words of “Im Eshkachech” – “If I forget you, Jerusalem.” It is beautiful and inspiring. It is a major blow to the Jewish enemies who thought and think they can destroy G-d’s chosen people.

The Jews have not forgotten Jerusalem. Indeed, they have returned to their holy city. And they await the final redemption. They yearn for the building of their third and final Temple. They pray for that close connection with G-d and for G-d’s glory to be returned to this world. May it be speedily in our days!

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