UN Tries to Silence NGO for Testifying Against UNRWA Glorifying Hitler

by Phil Schneider

The United Nations is a body that does not espouse peace and harmony. but consistently pushes specific anti-Israel policies. The UNRWA is well funded by nations all over the world, and they are promoting anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments – in the classroom.

The UNRWA has been spending many decades seemingly trying to change the status of Arab refugees in the State of Israel. But instead of helping the refugees get out of their status, the UNRWA has been complicit in making sure that the Arab refugees remain as refugees for a limitless amount of time.

There are many reasons why the UNRWA does this. First off, the UNRWA officials are well-paid and are not looking to end their tasks, but to stay in the their well-paid jobs. Secondly, the Arab leaders who have been running the Palestinian Authority for decades need the Arab refugee problem in order to continue screaming that the Arabs have been wronged and need support from the international community. Lastly, the UN is filled with people who are always looking for ways to weaken Israel. So basically, there is nobody that is truly working hard to get the Arab refugee problem done. That is how we ended up with the endless refugee problem.

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