Historic Moment: Bahraini Youth Visit Jerusalem for the First Time

by Leah Rosenberg

When Bahraini youth visit Jerusalem and build bridges of peace, it is most definitely historic! And they loved it!

Bahraini Youth Visit Jerusalem – and Love it

Check out the historic Bahraini youth visit to Jerusalem! There is something about the streets of the holiest city in the world. And they clearly felt it.

Peace is possible. This proves it. They felt welcomed and loved. You can see that Israel and the Jewish people have NOTHING against Arabs in general. Israel clearly wants peace with its Arab neighbors and brethren – it’s just up to the Arab population. Some have jumped at the opportunity. The problem that Israel has is with Arabs who choose terrorism over peace; hatred over love. And sadly, until some of Israel’s own Arab population and “Palestinian” population change its ways, there cannot be complete peace.

Here are some more moments from the historic trip of the Bahraini youth. You can see how special and noteworthy this trip was!

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