Marine Imprisoned for Speaking Out Against Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

by Phil Schneider

Whistleblowers are not a danger to democracy. They actually are one of the best insurances against dictatorship. Every totalitarian country spends enormous amounts of resources fighting against whistleblowers who scream out that the emperor has no clothes. Is this the way of life we want to live in in the United States of America where a decorated soldier who speaks his mind has to live in fear of spending decades in prison for expressing his views?

The Communist Soviet Union had hundreds of thousands of informants keeping their tabs on hundreds of millions of people in the Soviet Union for fear of people speaking their minds freely. There has probably never been such a large prison in the history of mankind as the Soviet Union. But it was not just a physical prison – it was a prison that disallowed any dissent. there was always a Damocles sword that hanged over one’s tongue that was known as Siberia. And there were millions of people who could attest to this and hundreds of thousands of others who did not return from their forced deportation.

Yes, the United States is not and will not be like the Soviet Union. Even the socialists among the Democrat Party do not want this. But, the slide towards totalitarianism and the shutting of mouths is a major movement that is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. Let whistleblowers speak, and put their controversial remarks to the test of public opinion. But don’t shut mouths – it boomerangs and destroys democracies.

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