Why a Judean Hills Synagogue was Built Outside the Fenced in Community

by Leah Rosenberg

This Judean Hills Synagogue makes more of a statement than you think. Here is the untold story behind its precise location.

The Judean Hills Synagogue That’s Outside the Fence

What an informative video this is! These Jews have chosen to dedicate their lives, their beings, to ensuring that the literal land of Israel stays in the hands of the Jews. That the land that G-d gave to the Jewish people THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO does not get taken away from them by Arabs. The Judean Hills is absolutely beautiful, but the world believes that no Jews should be living in JUDEA and Samaria. Ironic isn’t it? JEWS come from JUDEA! And the world wants to claim we don’t belong there? Nonsense.

But regardless of international pressure as well as pressure from those politicians who don’t care about the sanctity of G-d’s special land or Jewish history, Jews who live in Judea and Samaria do not plan to go anywhere. In fact, they plan to strengthen their presence in their ancient homeland; in the place where our forefathers walked.

What is fascinating is how you see that despite some tensions that exist, the Jews and the Arabs in this video are saying that they work together and live together.

The people who live in the community of Metzad are not your average people. They are unique. As said at the end of the video, these special Jews are returning G-d’s Torah and His ways back to what were once barren hills.

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