Is The FDA Compiling Lists Of Unvaxxed?

by Gavriel Dan

A new project veritas video has been released showing an FDA employee saying that the Federal Agency is compiling lists of unvaxxed citizens.

While other countries, like Israel have centralized databases that details who is vaxxed and who isn’t, America has no such thing as it interferes with medical privacy rights. The question is, if the FDA is compiling such list – why are they doing so?

Furthermore, given the proof that the vaccine’s effectiveness wanes after a period of time, why is the US government as well as others like Israel still putting such a heavy emphasis on using the vaccine as the sole weapon against COVID 19? Regardless of the truth behind the vaccine, the FDA’s actions are making civil rights activists nervous that the government is using the vaccine as a stepping stone to more control.

The push for centralized and socialized medicine in America has always been a priority by the leftwing political establishment. After all they view it, not in the context of saving lives, but a stepping stone for complete control.

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