Why Is Egypt Building Camps On Its Border With Gaza?

by David Mark

Recent satellite footage has revealed that Egypt is building make shift camps on its side of the border with Gaza.

While Egypt denies that it is preparing to house refugees within Sinai, reports from the United Kingdom-based Sinai Foundation for Human Rights tells a different story. Videos show trucks and bulldozers clearing debris from a plot of land 21 square kilometers in size. The pictures indicate that Egypt can house around 100 thousand refugees. This would be a huge shift for Egypt who has made it clear it will never accept refugees from Gaza.

Why has Egypt changed its mind? The answer is simple - Israel finally means business and with an impending launch on Rafah, the chances of a large scale movement of Gazans into the Sinai is probable. The question is how many?

More than likely, it will not be able to stop the flow of Gazans going to the Sinai. Once it starts – the crowds will be too much for the Egyptian military. Then the chaos will really begin.

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