Actual Footage: How Israeli Special Forces Rescued Hostages in a Web of Hamas Terrorists

by Phil Schneider

There are tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers on the frontlines of the War in Gaza. But every day, there are thousands of brave soldiers who are the elite of the elite and are fighting inside homes in booby-trapped houses with terror tunnels underneath them. Hamas spent hundreds of millions of dollars building up every building into terror traps for Israeli soldiers. But the brave Israeli soldier has persevered for months and taken apart the threats – building after building.

It starts with a brave Israeli tank crew who drive into a crowded Arab neighborhood knowing that terrorists with rocket propelled anti-tank weapons are creeping around to attack them. The tank commander along with infantry beside scan the area to take out any threats as they approach their target. The engineering soldiers spray the area with explosives to clear away roadside bombs and other booby traps. If the paths are not cleared, large D-9 tractors clear the way at tremendous personal danger. Then it goes from dangerous to very dangerous. 

The buildings are entered in order to kill the enemy and destroy the terror threats. Often, the entrances are booby-trapped and terrorists are prepared to rain down fire from the top floors or to set off bombs from their tunnel entrances that are set up below ground. This situation is repeated in tens of thousands of buildings across the entire Gaza. It is compounded inside the larger buildings, hospitals and UNRWA installations – all of which are part and parcel of the terror state that Arabs in Gaza democratically elected to lead them.

That is how hundreds of Israeli soldiers have been killed and thousands more wounded – many seriously. That is the humanitarian cost of leaving a part of the Land of Israel to bloodthirsty, Jew-hating Arabs back in 2005. The great cost to the Arab non-militant population is also due to the Israeli leadership of 2005. Israel was then led by Ariel Sharon, a decorated Israeli war hero, who made the fateful non-democratic decision to kick out nearly 10,000 Jews from their homes in the area of the Gaza Strip and give the Arabs control over their own lives. They chose the way of terror, overwhelmingly.  

Their is one and only one solution to the massive mess in Gaza. Israel must never give up responsibility for security of its people in any part of the Land of Israel. The key has always been for Israel to settle the Land, defend it, and deliver stiff resistance to any aspects of resistance against the State of Israel. That is exactly what Israel must do in Gaza. Israel must say loud and clear that the 2005 decision to kick out nearly 10,000 Jews was a fateful error that needs to be rectified. Israel should take full resposibility for all security measures in Gaza forever, resettle it, and allow all peaceloving Arabs to stay. All who resist, should be given a multiple choice question – Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. Any other country interested can also offer it’s services. 

Israel’s future is bright. Arabs who understand that Israel is here to stay can choose to also have a bright future. Those who choose otherwise can join the forces of darkness, but the future of Israel will not include them.    

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