The Unexpected and Stunning Answer to “Why be a Jew?”

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many answers to the question of “why be a Jew?” What does it mean to be Jewish? Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ answer is life-changing.

Why be a Jew?

As Jews, it is okay to have questions. It is encouraged. We look for truth and look for answers. So if one is wondering, “why be a Jew,” this answer is beyond inspiring. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, may his memory be a blessing, was one of the greatest Orthodox Jewish philosophers of modern times. He was brilliant and spoke eloquently and elegantly. Rabbi Sacks understood people and the world in a way that many others did not. His brilliance in Bible study went beyond the norm.

Rabbi Sacks’ idea here about being Jewish is truly life-changing. If Jews internalize this message, everything will be different. This perspective is just so stunning.

It can feel difficult in some parts of the world right now to be a proud Jew. But we must remember who we are.

After listening to and watching this video, how can you not be proud to be a Jew? To be part of a story that is YOUR story? To be part of something so much greater than you and your own world? Each Jew is a link in the chain of Jewish history. We must never break that long, long chain spanning back to our holy forefathers. No matter how hard it gets, we are here for a purpose. Let’s fulfil that purpose. It is definitely worth it.

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