The Most Important Words that Jews Need to Hear about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Not all Jews understand the importance of Israel. They should listen up to these powerful words by the great Rabbi Sacks.

The Jews and the Jewish Homeland

The Jewish people have been scattered throughout the world for too long. Some Jews, sadly, have lost their identity. Even if they still connect to Judaism and love their heritage, they forget about an important part: Israel. They forget that G-d gave them the land of Israel. They forget that Israel is the Jewish homeland; that Abraham uprooted his family to follow in G-d’s ways and to live in His land.

The best place to be a Jew is in Israel. Some people have not grasped that concept yet.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was one of the most well known Rabbis in the world. His mind was one of the greatest of our times. He passed away nearly two years ago, and it was a great tragedy for the Jewish people. His insights and perspective on life have truly been missed. His words are still powerful and still ring true to the many who listen to his speeches and lectures.

May the Jewish people who are scattered throughout the globe take this story to heart. They should listen to the words of the captain of the Eilat boat who understands something extremely important about Israel: “Zeh Shelanu.” It is ours. It belongs to the Jewish people. And no matter how hard the world tries to take that away, they will never succeed.

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