Father of recent fallen soldier shares a heartbreaking story

by Leah Rosenberg

Baruch Ben-Yigal, the father of recent fallen soldier Amit, shares the moment his son knew he had to serve his country and fight for its existence.

Story of the Recent Fallen Soldier

Amit Ben-Yigal, the recent fallen soldier, was just 21 years old when he was murdered by a vicious terrorist who threw a big rock at his head during an arrest raid.

Amit did not have to serve in a combat unit in the Israeli army being that he is his father’s only son and only child. But he chose to, as his father describes in the story he tells.

Why should a father have to bury his 21 year old son? His ONLY son, his only child. Amit was killed defending his homeland.

Peace? What Peace?

Do you see what Israel is faced with? Can you listen to Baruch, a now bereaved father, and really blame Israel for the lack of peace? Baruch said how he educated his son with a love of Israel and the Jewish people. Ask a “Palestinian” father how he educated his son. The answer will not have the word “love” in it. The answer will be about hate and violence; killing and bloodshed. Why can’t the world see the problem?

One side, Israel, wants to live peacefully in their homeland of thousands of years. The other side, the “Palestinians,” want to murder as many Jews as possible and drive them out of their homeland. But what they don’t get is that the Jewish people are not going anywhere. The Jewish homeland is not going anywhere. In the end, good will triumph over evil. And the world will be ashamed that they didn’t side with Israel.

A Bereaved Father

Listening to Baruch speak about his only son is heartbreaking. How many more bereaved fathers will we have to hear speak before peace comes? How many more tears have to be shed before the world realizes that terrorists are murdering innocent Jews?

Amit was just 21 years old. He was murdered defending the only homeland he had. 21 years old. Can you understand that age? A child. Amit was just a child with his entire life ahead of him.

Share his name. Share his face. Share his story. Maybe, just maybe, it will grab the world’s attention enough to realize the truth.

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