What happened during Secretary Pompeo’s 6 hour trip to Israel

by Phil Schneider

Everything I write in this article is speculation, but I really think it is true. Mike Pompeo, a truly great friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish people, came in and said to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the following: “President Trump is now assembling all of the freedom-loving nations in order to make sure that China no longer controls the flow of so many vital and non-vital supplies of the world.” “It is now time to recognize that the worldwide economic threat that we face from China is no less dangerous than the threats from militant Islam.”

Benjamin Netanyahu nodded nervously, but then began to straighten his shoulders and discuss what practically this means in terms of the Israel-China relationship. And now, Mike Pompeo, in his very straightforward manner, said, “It’s time to rethink the massive desalination program with China.” “There is simply too much leverage for China to gain from this massive deal. Israel, like all of our other allies cannot be in a place that any vital goods are controlled by China.” “China has proven time and again that they will use all leverage they can in order to control as much of the world economy as possible.” “The world has now reached a major inflection point. Will Israel join the free world or risk going it alone?”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will agree, but still work on some form of a hybrid deal that allows Israel’s desalination program to proceed, albeit without China having total control over the project. Secretary of State Pompeo will probably have similar conversations with England, France, Germany, and others. This is not a simple shift. It is extremely complicated and must be handled at the same time that the world still is deeply dependent on China and unaware to what extent we will need China’s supplies in order to whether the next few months of the virus outbreak. We are living in historic times. One day, the Pompeo shuttling around the world will probably be viewed as a major step in the reorganization of a new world order following the Coronavirus pandemic.

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