COVID-19 won’t stop these kids from singing together

by Leah Rosenberg

People can forget that even music groups have been affected by COVID-19. Everyone has been. But these talented kids kept the music coming anyway!

COVID-19 – Singing from Home

Yeshiva Boys Choir is a popular choir made up of talented kids. They have concerts and create music videos. Their voices are like angels. Although they are not the only Jewish kids choir, they are definitely one of the most popular.

But something they aren’t necessarily used to is singing from home. Because of COVID-19 though, they could not all join together. They had to sing in their respected places. But that did not stop them from singing out to G-d. These kids had their entire lives and routines flipped upside down. School, friends, after school activities – it all changed. But they still are singing. They have not let Corona ruin their love of music. And that is something we can all learn from!

The Song – Es Panecha

The song they are singing here is called “Es Panecha.” It is found in Tehillim chapter 27. The translation to the sentence they use in the song is as follows:

“On Your behalf, my heart says, “Seek My presence.” Your presence, O Lord, I will seek” (

The fact that these kids are singing such a meaningful song with such passion during this trying time for the world is inspiring. We can all learn from these words, which were written thousands of years ago by King David, that we should constantly be seeking G-d’s presence. During the good times and the bad times, we should always be searching for G-d and asking Him for Guidance.

King David became closer to G-d through music. Maybe these children also feel that connection to G-d through music. And maybe we can, too.

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