COLD WAR 2.0: Chinese Ambassador Found Dead In Israel

by David Mark

Within days of Israel receiving a warning from the United States on its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, the CCP’s ambassador to Israel has now been suddenly found dead in his bed. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, rumors across social media of an assassination ballooned.

No matter what really killed the ambassador, the rumors touch on a very potent subject – which side will Israel choose in the new Cold War. Netanyahu has always sought a neutral foreign policy in the years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, but the changing geopolitical map now occurring before everyone’s eyes scrambles the notion of staying neutral.

On one hand, the special relationship between the US and Israel cannot be underestimated. After all, the Biblical connection many Americans feel with the State of Israel has proven to be more than just feeling, but has turned into the potential to annex the Biblical Heartland of the Jewish people.

On the other hand, the anti-Israel forces on the Left in America are rising. They are built on anti-religion, globalism, and post modern education rooted in moral relativism, which views Israel as an “apartheid” state bent on “ethnically cleansing” an “indigenous” population from “its Land.”

This is not a mere fringe ideology anymore, but one where a vast majority of young people in the USA either believe it or are now highly influenced by it.

In resilience strategy or systems theory, one always attempts to build a strong enough system based upon multiple inputs. This is what has happened in Israel. The challenge for the Prime Minister is to protect these inputs as long as possible, despite the fact that juggling them may prove to be just as dangerous as picking one super power to ally with.

While the East has been far more friendly to the Jewish State, with little built in anti-semitism, this has not translated to protection at the UN the way the USA has offered. However, that protection has come at an enormous price – one which can flip against the interests of the Jewish State when and if the right loses the White House.

All this now weighs on Netanyahu and his new government’s decision making. For now Israel appears to be the fault line between two super powers as they push back and forth between each other in the newest Cold War.

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