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Pompeo Tries To Break Israel Free Of The Chinese Regime


In resilience planning and systems thinking we try to build a system (in this case a community or nation) based on as many sustainable inputs and outputs as possible. This was Prime Minister Netanyahu’s strategy during the Obama era. After all he saw a foreboding trend towards being anti-Israel in the USA. So he pivoted East, eventually linking Israel up with China.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s short visit to Israel focused far more on prying Israel away from the Chinese Communist Party than it did on President Trump’s peace plan.

In fact, the USA sees Israel’s pivoting away from the CCP as key to creating a bulwark against Chinese expansion and ascendancy. This is no small task as the Chinese Regime owns stakes in many of Israel’s companies.

But the danger is far more than Israeli innovation companies but goes to the core of Israel’s infrastructure. Globes reported the following this past November:

“A little over a year from now, the new Haifa Bay port will be given to government-controlled Chinese company SIPG to manage until 2046. This will open a new chapter in the history of shipping and transportation in Israel, and possibly a new era in Israel’s international relations.”

This is the type of relationship that the USA is now scared of when it comes to Israel and China. Israel has no interest in being controlled by China or switching sides. Most of these sorts of actions are occurring due natural global processes. The CCP also views Israel far different than it does the USA. It claims it feels the Jewish people are ancient like the Han and see the relationship naturally building between the two ancient cultures.

Most uneducated observers see this as similar to Israel’s rock solid relationship with India – built on the same ideas. It is not. The CCP is a totalitarian regime bent on world control. It sees Israel’s innovation infrastructure as a key along with Israel’s location on the Eastern Mediterranean.

Chinese and Iranian Alliance

The Trump administration understands that a strengthened and emboldened China – one that is firmly entrenched in the Middle East will be dangerous to Israel as it Iran as a key partner in its Belt and Road Initiative. More than that. The CCP sees Iran as a key oil and gas producer that it needs to satiate its out of control energy needs.

The CCP should not be trusted no matter how much they woo Israel. Of course, Netanyahu’s concern is what happens if Trump loses and a Democratic regime, one that is friendly to the CCP and the globalist cadre running Wall Street and the UN returns to power?

Israel must balance its economic resiliency and multilateral sustainability with its long standing and necessary relationship with the USA – especially as the latter moves into a Cold War 2.0 posture.

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