Why a non-Jew in Ecuador cares about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Ecuador and Israel are not near each other. They are over 7,500 miles apart. So why would a non-Jewish student in Ecuador care about the Jewish state?

Student in Ecuador Wants Truth

It seems obvious, right? Shouldn’t all students be searching for the truth? Shouldn’t all PEOPLE search for the truth? Yes, they should. But so many people don’t. Students are especially vulnerable because they soak in all information and often times believe everything they hear.

But not Sebastian Cevallos.

In fact, he is way more educated than many adults. He does research for himself. He searches for the truth and does not just listen to the Western media. In today’s world where it is the popular thing to stand against Israel, Sebastian is a beacon of light. He gives hope that not all students are brainwashed and that some actually do think for themselves.

The Lies Make No Sense

The lies about Israel are absurd. What is more absurd is that it is so easy to find the truth. It is not hidden. Israel is a democracy that gives equal rights to all people and religions. It is easy to find that out. Visit Israel. Talk to Christians and Arabs who live there. Ask them if they would rather live in one of Israel’s neighboring countries or in the only free country in the Middle East.

Israel has also helped the world in countless ways, whether in technological advances, medical breakthroughs, or emergency aid to countries struck by disaster.

It seems foolish to lie about a country that has so much good internally and has done so much good for the world.

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