Has China just decided to start an actual war with the US?

by Phil Schneider

Well, is an economic war really an actual war? Let’s be careful with our rhetoric. On the one hand, there has been a sustained economic battle going on for decades between China and the rest of the world for domination. On the other hand, China’s economic strength is intertwined with the purchasing habits of the Western world. Without a strong Western economy, China is weakened also. So, in truth, the economic war is sort of like a double headlock between China and the West? What needs to be done? How can we extricate the Western World out of this massive dependence on the Chinese manufacturing industry?

China is a Communist country. It is a totalitarian regime. Horrible things do happen to people inside of China who are not part of the mainstream. But, it is important to understand that not all totalitarian regimes have short-term imperialistic ideas. Meaning, China is not necessarily on it’s way to invade Russia, Japan, or any other country in the near future. But they are most certainly on a long-term plan to dominate the world economically. However, they may not be in a position to threaten the rest of the world militarily at this point in time. Or are they? This is a vital question to clarify.

If China’s military is man-strong, but weapons-weak, then the focus needs to be on re-calibrating the entire method of trade so that the Western world is no longer dominated by the three words – “Made in China.” A major multi-national marketing plan needs to be made for the words, “Made in the USA,” or “Made in the Free World.” China will always be able to produce things at a cheaper level due to their limitless resources of cheap manpower. But if tariffs and disincentives are enforced, then the United States along with other Western allies can move to a point where at least there is a stalemate in our trade wars with China. This probably should be the ultimate goal. A weak China is also probably not in our best interest. But we now all see how dangerous it is to have 90-95% of the pharmaceutical industry Made in China. Yes, it is better for Tylenol to cost $20/bottle and to be made in the USA, then $10/bottle and made in China. But that will only be the case when the Western mind has seen a sustained and massive marketing campaign that encourages a pro-USA, anti-Totalitarian mindset. There are many people today, 70 years after the Holocaust who will still not purchase German cars despite their solid reputation for quality. We need to devalue the reputation that Chinese goods have and raise up the spirits of buying goods made in our own backyards.

Col. Kemp

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