Ben Shapiro just made everyone thankful Obama isn’t president anymore

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro slammed Obama for his complete corruption and hypocrisy. It is really absurd the way Obama “can do nothing wrong.”

Ben Shapiro Calls Out Obama

Obama and his posse like to criticize President Trump. But who will stand up and call out Obama for all of HIS corruption? Who will condemn the Obama administration for its hypocrisy? Ben Shapiro, of course. The mainstream media might ignore the truth, but Shapiro definitely won’t.

Somehow, Obama can do nothing wrong – the media praised and continues to praise him for everything. And President Trump, according to the media and the Left, only does wrong. And obviously, according to Obama he is the worst thing to enter the White House.

But what are the facts? Shapiro does an excellent job at breaking down what really has happened throughout the past few years.

What Has Happened to Politics?

Instead of politics being about the American people, it has turned into a game of who can be better. It has turned into a selfish endeavor to be the most powerful. If Obama and his people really cared about Americans, they would not chase after Trump and everyone in the White House who they disagree with. They do not have to agree with everything that President Trump says and does. But what they do is another level, and it is just wrong.

And then Obama acts like he was a perfect president. It is as if Obama did nothing wrong and all his policies saved the world. And the thing is, that cannot be farther from the truth. Obama endangered everyone: Israel, America, and the free world. His administration did many illegal things, yet they are trying to pin corruption on the Trump administration instead.

Sure, Trump has made mistakes. He is not a perfect president. But he has also done good for America and its allies. Obama may refuse to recognize that, but it does not change the reality.

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