Border Policeman Shoots Terrorist & Stops Attempted Stabbing

by Avi Abelow

Another terror attack, this time an attempted stabbing.

Just a few hours after IDF commando Amit Ben-Yigal was killed by a terrorist who threw a rock on his head, another terrorist attack took place. A young man attempted to stab a security guard at the Qalandiya checkpoint outside of Jerusalem. The Border policemen shot the terrorist before he succeeded in stabbing the security guard.

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This is a clear case when our soldiers are allowed to shoot. However, IDF soldiers have heavy restrictive rules of engagement when rocks or Molotov cocktails are thrown. Just last night a 5-year-old girl was injured in Samaria when terrorists threw rocks at her family’s car. Over 70 rock and Molotov cocktail attacks have taken place since the beginning of 2020, with many people injured. Thankfully, few were killed. But, as the killing of Amit Ben-Yigal shows, rocks kill too.

There is growing public support for the IDF to have less restrictive rules of engagement to shoot at terrorists who throw rocks and Molotov cocktails. Likud MK Uzi Dayan today tweeted that “rocks kill! Many soldiers & civilians have been killed by rocks & Molotov cocktails. This is how the IDF should respond:

  1. The IDF should react to every single act of rock or Molotov cocktail throwing. The IDF Officer on the ground should be responsible for deciding if shooting is necessary.
  2. All terrorist’s homes should be destroyed, even if the terrorist did not succeed in killing anyone.
  3. Take away their rights and expel them

Uzi Dayan understands that the only way to save lives is to institute policies of effective deterrence, and not to differentiate between terrorists who succeed or fail. Only if we start to treat all terrorists equally, just for trying to kill us, will we return our deterrence and diminish their motivation to kill us.

Too bad our jurists neuter the IDF’s capability to do what is necessary because they prefer the rights of the terrorists over our rights to live and defend ourselves.

Roe vs. Wade

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