Israel Repels An Iranian Cyber Attack On Its Water Supply, Is Your Phone Next?

by Micha Gefen

Israelis cheered the report released a few days ago that Iran was pulling out of Syria. At long last their arch nemesis was on the retreat. Then the unthinkable happened. Iranians were found to have tried to hack into Israel’s water supply.

In a world increasingly defined on data security, breaching enemy cyber defenses is key in terms of winning long term conflicts. Iran attempted to break into Israel’s water supply on April 24th and April 25th. Thankfully the attack was repelled.

However, what happens if the target is not something as well defended as a national water carrier, but rather a personal phone. Already, Israel saw some of its high level politicians have their phones hacked – seemingly by Iran. Is there sufficient protection against this sort of small scale data breach?

Offering The Common Person Cyber Protection

The Israeli-Polish company UseCrypt says that they have a way of protecting personal data from prying eyes.

Usecrypt is the only app that checks if the phone has been hacked or not. The “surveillance check” feature inspects whether the microphone, speaker and camera has not been taken-over by a malicious app. as well as notify user about other threats i.e. outdated iOS, unverified service server (SSL).

Usecrypt also has its proprietary app’s database encryption system that prevents data extraction from the app. The central server by-design does not store any user data.

“Usecrypt Messenger recognizes and prevents unauthorized access to the app to keep hackers and malware away. With the rising risk of malicious apps and mass surveillance being introduced Usecrypt makes sure that chats and voice calls remains confidential within our app. Usecrypt achieves it through patented independent encryption and security control feature,” explains Yuval Rabin, partner in Lazar Vision Fund, the American-Israeli fund that took-over Usecrypt technology in early 2019.

Ironically, it is this last point, which seems to be a double edge sword for governments like Israel’s who at one hand want to protect people from malicious outside actors, but at the same time Usecrypt also protects the common person from government surveillance.

While there are powerful forces in Israel and elsewhere that use surveillance to isolate and catch terrorists, citizens in Israel and across the world are now well aware of government plans for mass surveillance. Usecrypt has become their app of choice that gives them both the security and peace of mind that their phones are off limits to both bad actors and governments.

Iranian Attack Still Possible

We have already detailed that despite Iran’s setback due to their suffering at the hands of the coronavirus, their leaders were still planning on pushing forward with a potential attack on Israel. The Mullah’s failed to breach Israel’s water supply, but it is clear they have other plans centering around cyber security.

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